Sweet Olive: n. nickname give to Olivia Watkins by Rebecca Breeden; a small tree or shrub native to Asia whose scientific name is Osmanthus fragrant often used to make jam or scented tea in China; a fragrant garden flower.





A communications specialist for the State of Louisiana on the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Natural Resource Damage Assessment.


Writer. For some of my published work, click here. For all the rest of it, you know, the kind that sits in notebooks and Scrivener files on my Mac Book, drop me an email and I’ll share some with you (particularly if you’re a fiction publisher).

EoE & Food Allergies

Recently, I was diagnosed with a disorder called Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE). This diagnosis, while it has meant some major life changes as far as food goes, has been an incredible opportunity to change how I live and ultimately how I feel. I won’t bore you with the details about EoE here, but if you want to know the specifics, you can find more information on the Mayo Clinic site or with the American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders (APFED). The short version of how the disorder affects me is that I have an allergy to gluten (at a minimum) that makes my throat close around food, makes me feel like I’m having a heart attack after I eat and makes me sick for weeks on end. Over the years I struggled to figure out what was wrong with me and why I was constantly sick, even ending up in the emergency room for severe pain once. While I miss cookies, bread and all of the delicious things out there that involve gluten, I like the way I feel now much more.

I talk about EoE some on this blog and all of the recipes that I share here are gluten-free. If you have questions about my experience with EoE, please feel free to message me. However, my comments should not be taken as medical advice.


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